Home AUTOMOTIVE TOOLS American Racing Vintage VN105D 14X6 5X4.75 GRAY MACH-LP -2MM – VN1054661

American Racing Vintage VN105D 14X6 5X4.75 GRAY MACH-LP -2MM – VN1054661


American Racing Vintage VN105D 14X6 5X4.75 GRAY MACH-LP -2MM – VN1054661

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars (7 ratings)

In case you’re looking to upgrade your classic wheels, you should definitely consider the American Racing Vintage VN105D. Following an examination of its capabilities and features, the following is a thorough review that covers the product’s advantages and disadvantages.


1.Timeless Design: The American Racing Vintage VN105D has ranked in one of the best american racing wheels, it has a machined lip and a painted finish that is Torq Thrust gray, giving it a traditional and timeless look. Automobile enthusiasts adore this look, which goes well with many different car models.

2.Variety of Sizes: The VN105D offers a high degree of customizability, coming in diameters of 14″, 15″, and 16″ along with a range of widths and offsets. Users can select the size that best fits their vehicle and style preferences thanks to this.

3.Sturdy Construction: These aluminum wheels are designed to be both strong and lightweight at the same time. Because of the material selection’s guarantee of longevity, the wheels can withstand both regular driving and harsher environments.

4. Easy to Maintain: The vintage american racing wheels is easier to maintain, thanks to their gray Torq Thrust finish, which also improves their aesthetic appeal. Long-lasting aesthetics are enhanced by the simple process of maintaining and cleaning their appearance.

5. Warranty Coverage: The American Racing offers a one-year finish warranty against peeling or lifting in addition to a lifetime structural warranty for the VN105D. Customers are given peace of mind by this warranty coverage, which guarantees the product’s quality and longevity.

6.vehicle Compatibility: The VN105D is compatible with a variety of vehicles, despite being designed primarily for passenger cars. Its adaptable fitment makes it a desirable choice for individuals looking to upgrade their cars in a fashionable manner.

7.Wheel Backspacing: These wheels provide enough clearance for a range of vehicle applications, with a backspacing of 3.42 inches. In order to guarantee a correct fit and avoid interference with brake components, this dimension is essential.


1.Higher Cost: Compared to some other aftermarket wheel options, the American Racing Vintage VN105D may be deemed relatively expensive at $119.85, which is a 15% discount from the list price of $141.00. For those who prefer a high-end appearance, the robustness and style might, however, make the price worthwhile.

2. Shipping and Import Fees Deposit: There is an extra charge of $125.65 for shipping and import fees for customers from outside the United States, especially those in India. This could have a big effect on how affordable things are overall for buyers from outside the US.

3. Lugs & Nuts are Not Included: It’s crucial to know that lug nuts are not part of the wheel package. Customers will therefore have to pay more overall since they will need to buy compatible lug nuts separately.

4.Less User Ratings: There aren’t many user experiences on Amazon, with just 7 ratings available. A more comprehensive understanding of long-term performance and satisfaction would be possible with more reviews.


The American Racing Vintage VN105D 14X6 5X4.75 is one of the best american racing wheels and is distinguished by its timeless style, robust construction, and extensive warranty coverage. These wheels are a great investment for car enthusiasts who want to improve the appearance of their vehicles, even though the price may be a concern for some due to their high quality construction and classic style. Just be aware that lug nuts must be purchased separately and that there may be additional fees for overseas buyers. The VN105D is a good option if you’re looking for a well-made, aesthetically pleasing wheel that pays homage to automotive history.


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