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Deluxe+ Mig Welding Pliers by strong hand tools, Slag Hammer, Flat Face Hammer, Scraper, Fine/Coarse Files, 


Deluxe+ Mig Welding Pliers, Slag Hammer, Flat Face Hammer, Scraper, Fine/Coarse Files, Side Pull V-Notch, Ergonomic Grip, Heat Treated, 8”, PM25

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (1,967 ratings)

After Buying the Strong Hand Tools -Deluxe+ Mig Welding Pliers recently and putting them through their paces, I’m happy to offer an in-depth analysis outlining the advantages and disadvantages of this welding instrument.


1. Versatile Function: The Deluxe+ Mig Welding Pliers have several functions, such as a slag hammer chipper side that may be used to remove slag and other welding residue. The addition of a flat hammer with a scraper edge makes it easier to quickly remove spatter, which makes it a useful tool for cleanup after welding.

2.Fine & Coarse Files: The inner nozzle scraping capabilities offered by the inclusion of fine and coarse file noses enables accurate and effective cleaning. This capability increases the tool’s utility, particularly for complex welding jobs.

3.Cutting, chipper, and scraper edges are all induction hardened, which guarantees their longevity and reliability. Because of its heat-treated structure, which increases its overall robustness, this tool is appropriate for heavy-duty welding operations.

4.Ergonomic Comfort Grip: This feature is particularly noteworthy since it offers a comfortable and secure hold while in use. This improves overall user experience and lessens hand fatigue, especially during prolonged welding sessions.

5.Retention Chain: It’s a good idea to include a retention chain to make sure the welding pliers are always accessible when needed. This function keeps the tool from getting lost or forgotten and helps maintain an ordered workspace.

6.Affordably priced: The Deluxe+ Mig Welding Pliers are a great deal for the money, with a list price of $28.00 and a discounted price of $22.00. They are a cost-effective option for both novice and expert welders because to the 21% reduction.

7.Variety of Sizes: The product comes in three sizes: Deluxe+, Deluxe, and Standard. This gives customers the freedom to choose the size that best suits their requirements and tastes. This personalization enables a more customized choice based on the type of welding projects.

8.Positive Customer Ratings: Out of 1,967 reviews, the product has received a high rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, indicating that users are generally satisfied. The favorable reviews, which show that more than 400 units have been purchased in the last month, attest to the welding pliers’ dependability and efficiency.


1.Restricted Color Selection: Yellow is the only color available for the welding pliers. Although color is not essential to the operation of the strong hand tools, some users might want more color options for visibility or personalization.

2. Hand-Powered: Users must use physical effort to operate the welding pliers because the power source type is designated as hand-powered. Those who prefer or need powered tools for specific tasks might want to take this into consideration.


The Strong Hand Tools Deluxe+ Mig Welding Pliers are a worthy addition to any welder’s toolkit, to sum up. Their cost-effectiveness, robust design, ergonomics, and multipurpose use render them an invaluable resource for experts and enthusiasts alike. The hand-powered nature of the tool and its limited color options notwithstanding, the overall positive attributes outweigh these drawbacks. Strong Hand Tools’ Deluxe+ Mig Welding Pliers are a great option if you’re looking for dependable and effective welding pliers.


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