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The Chicago Electric Power Tools Electric Body Saw, Full Review!


Rating: 3.5.out of 5 stars (59 reviews)

I recently bought the Chicago Electric Power Tools Electric Body Saw, a tool particularly designed for cutting vehicle body plates and other metals. Having used it in numerous applications, here is a comprehensive assessment outlining the professionals and cons of this product.


1. Efficient Metal Cutting: The primary function of this device is cutting auto body plates and other metals, and it excels in this regard. The excessive-velocity steel blade cloth guarantees clean and particular cuts, making it a valuable asset for automotive restore and metalworking responsibilities.

2. Paddle Trigger with Safety: The inclusion of a paddle trigger with a safety feature complements user manage and safety at some point of operation. The design lets in for a cushty grip, and the protection feature prevents accidental begins, reducing the hazard of accidents.

3. Brushless Motor Technology: The brushless strength source is a incredible benefit, presenting more efficient and dependable performance as compared to standard brushed cars. This function contributes to longer device life, reduced preservation, and improved usual durability.

4. High Stroke Per Minute (SPM): With a pace of 2650 strokes in keeping with minute (SPM), this electric powered body saw is able to coping with a whole lot of slicing tasks quickly. The high SPM contributes to quicker paintings of completion, specially in packages wherein efficiency is critical.

5. Convenient Power Cord Length: The 6 ft. Strength cord gives a decent period, offering flexibility in positioning and maneuvering the device without being restricted with the aid of the need for an extension twine. This is specifically beneficial whilst working in large areas. Competitive Pricing: The Chicago Electric Power Tools Electric Body Saw is inexpensive at $forty five.19, making it an low-cost alternative for those in need of a dependable steel-slicing tool. The $nine.Sixty five savings (18%) from the listing charge in addition complements its value for budget-aware customers.


1. Average User Ratings: The product has obtained a three.5 out of 5-big name rating based on 59 evaluations. While this indicates a first-class performance universal, the average rating shows that there is probably room for development in sure components, including durability or person-friendliness.

2. Limited Surface Recommendation: While the device is designed for steel slicing, it’s far particularly endorsed to be used on steel surfaces. Users should workout warning whilst thinking about packages past the recommended floor, as it may impact the device’s effectiveness and sturdiness.

3. US-Specific Electrical Plug: The product word highlights that it is designed to be used in the US, and international customers may also need an adapter or converter. This issue would possibly inconvenience clients located outdoor the United States, necessitating extra purchases to make the tool well matched with their electric shops.

Conclusion :

The Chicago Electric Power Tools Electric Body Saw offers green metal reducing at an affordable charge. The inclusion of a paddle cause with safety, brushless motor era, and a excessive stroke consistent with minute make it a competitive alternative within the marketplace. However, capacity consumers need to bear in mind of the common person scores, limitations on floor hints, and the US-specific electric plug, specially if considering global use. Overall, this device is a treasured addition to the toolkit of DIY lovers and specialists working on metal projects.


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