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Grizzly Industrial G0958-8″ Combo Planer/Jointer with Helical Cutterhead


Rating: 3.2 out of five stars (5 scores)

I recently invested in the Grizzly Industrial G0958-8″ Combo Planer/Jointer with Helical Cutterhead Combo Planer/Jointer with Helical Cutterhead, this grizzly tools is a versatile woodworking device designed to address planning and jointing duties. Having used it notably, right here’s an in depth evaluate, along with the pros and cons of this product.

Pros :

1. Powerful Motor: The 1-half of HP, 120V, unmarried-section, 15A motor presents enough strength for each planning and jointing obligations. the grizzly tools handles diverse timber sorts and sizes with ease, contributing to the device’s general performance.

2. Dual Functionality: The combination of planer and jointer functions in a single device adds versatility to the workshop. This grizzly tools feature removes the want for separate machines, saving area and making it a value-effective solution for woodworkers.

3. Generous Cut Dimensions: With a most reduce width of 8" and a maximum reduce intensity of 1/16", this device contains a number woodworking initiatives. It’s suitable for each smaller portions and larger forums, imparting flexibility in venture design.

4.Helical Cutterhead Technology: The inclusion of a helical cutterhead complements the fine of the cuts. This era reduces tear-out and presents a smoother end as compared to standard directly knives, resulting in stepped forward woodworking precision.

5.Adjustable Bevel Jointing: The potential to bevel joint from 0 to 45 stages provides versatility to the tool, permitting customers to create quite a few angles of their woodworking tasks. This feature is especially precious for crafting tricky pieces.

6. Sturdy and Compact Design: The overall dimensions of 31" W x 17-half of" D x 18-half of & quot; H strike a stability between durability and compactness. The system is robust enough to address worrying obligations whilst remaining practicable in phrases of space requirements.

7. Reasonable Weight: The grizzly tools is Weighing 48 kilos, this blend planer/jointer is quite lightweight for its talents. This makes it extra portable and less difficult to move around the workshop as compared to bulkier options. Returnable Until Jan 31, 2024: The extended go back window till January 31, 2024, presents customers with peace of thoughts, allowing them enough time to assess the device’s overall performance and suitability for his or her specific wishes.


1. Limited User Ratings: The product has a confined wide variety of scores (5) on Amazon, making it tough to gauge its performance based totally on consumer reviews. A better quantity of reviews could provide a greater complete understanding of its strengths and weaknesses.

2. Higher Price Point: At $637.Ninety five, this blend planer/jointer is an investment that might be on the higher quit for a few hobbyist woodworkers. While the twin functionality justifies the fee for professionals, it could be a enormous attention for price range-aware customers.

3. Corded Electric Power Source: The grizzly tools is predicated on a corded electric strength source, which may additionally restriction its portability as compared to battery-powered alternatives. Users need to make certain the provision of electricity retailers of their workspace.

4. Limited Maximum Cut Depth: While appropriate for most woodworking projects, the maximum cut intensity of 1/16" may be limiting for the ones working on thicker materials or initiatives that require deeper cuts.

In conclusion, the Grizzly Industrial G0958-8" Combo Planer/Jointer with Helical Cutterhead gives a combination of electricity, versatility, and precision. Its twin functionality, helical cutterhead technology, and adjustable bevel jointing make it a valuable addition to woodworking workshops. However, capability customers must don’t forget the constrained person rankings, the better fee factor, and the corded electric powered strength supply, specially if portability and price range are vast factors of their selection-making manner. Overall, this device caters to the desires of great woodworkers seeking a dependable and space-efficient solution for planing and jointing tasks.


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